• MILLING: Horizontal boring mills CNC and Manual 98" x 48" tablewith 50" of travel in height and roller table for longer jobs. Supplemented with multiple Bridgeport knee mills
  • TURNING: 31' length capacity x 25", 36" and 47" diameter capacity
  • BORING: Up to 54" on vertical CNC Lathes
  • Keyseat with 1 1/2" wide keyway capabilities
  • Saws with 26" diameter capacity and 20.5" x 40" rectangle
  • Multiple hydraulic presses including 350 Ton incline press
  • 6' x 13' CNC plasma table with oxy fuel option for steel thicker than 2"
  • WELDING: Submerged Arc capable of welding shafts 18' in length. Certified welders in Mig, Tig, and Stick. Overhead Cranes, forklifts, 24' flatbeds, box trucks and mobile crane trucks
  • In-house engineering and design


  • Flange facing and milling
  • Build up/bearing journals
  • Line boring/flat base and ID bearing pedestals
  • Casings/split line surfaces/steam turbines LP, MP, HP
  • R-Stamp
  • Full mechanical and electrical support
  • MILLWRIGHT: Laser alignment, full mechanical, ASME code structural and pipe welding
  • TRANSPORTATION, RIGGING & STORAGE : 100 ton yard and mobile lifting capacity, specialized rigging, 500 ton hydraulic gantry crane and yard storage
  • WELDING: 6G ASME/BPVC, Section IX. Aluminum, stainless, mig, tig, and stick procedures

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